Friday, November 27, 2015

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DMC Technology is proud to bring Kombea's Securecall, Recall and Exact call to the local Southern African market!

Call center experts understand the benefits of providing customers with both automated systems and live agents.

Automated systems can provide a level of accuracy, security, and efficiency not possible with live agents, yet still don't fulfill many other customer-service needs.

Live agents are often the better choice, though their imperfections introduce inaccuracy, security risks, and inefficiency. After all, that's what it means to be human.



Agents and customers securely exchanging sensitive information.



All agents giving the same information — the right information — on every call.  Read More...



Agent call recording and screen capture — simple and inexpensive.Read More...



All the features of ExactCall, SecureCall, and ReCall — plus much more.

ProtoCall enables you to measure, drive and maintain Continuous Improvement on your call processes, whether these be in productivity, quality, or elsewhere. Read more

What experts are saying

General Managers

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With ProtoCall we can now see consistent positive trends across our key performance indicators.

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With ProtoCall I know that our compliance is rock solid. The amount of time and energy I now need to spend with the OCC has been radically reduced. The OCC and what they may find is much less stressful for me.

Line Managers

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With ProtoCall we are more collaborative with other divisions that have ownership in overall customer service.

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We can trial a new cross sale strategy on a subset of agents and measure the effectiveness before we roll it out to the entire customer service team.

Quality Assurance Managers

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I love the combination of ProtoCall and ReCall because I can more quickly identify areas in which I need to give the agent feedback.

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With ProtoCall I feel like a strategic partner in building and improving the process. Before, I felt like I was fishing, not knowing what I was going to hear and how I was going to give feedback to the agent.


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I like the fact that with ProtoCall we can do behavioral based training as opposed to only knowledge based training.

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Our training has been cut in half with higher quality because we are focused on training the agents how to follow the simple ProtoCall process instead of the more complex details of the products and support policies.

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